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VAHLE launches the world's first intelligent current collector system

• Smart Collector for permanent monitoring of conductor systems

• Increased system availability boosts productivity

• Predictive maintenance reduces downtime and maintenance costs

The intelligent conductor system enables VAHLE to analyze the system and thus make it visible. (VAHLE)

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG has developed the Smart Collector, an intelligent conductor system. This uniquely innovative product acquires analysis data about the condition of conductor systems and their components during operation. Based on the values determined, this plug-and-play solution makes it possible to detect signs of wear or emerging faults at an early stage and to reduce unplanned downtime to a minimum. 

"Flexible systems and high availability are the key requirements for modern production processes. Accurate knowledge of the condition of the plants is an important requirement for this," says Jessica Genz, product manager at Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG. After all, failures and malfunctions cost a lot of time and money. "To ensure continuous monitoring and detect faults at an early stage, we have now developed the world's first intelligent conductor system," says Genz.

The Smart Collector has a special sensor unit that detects the movements of every single current collector. In combination with a positioning system, movement parameters and any track anomalies are assigned with positional accuracy so they can be identified and fixed. "In addition to the alignment to the rail and the contact pressure, the Smart Collector can calculate a wear forecast for the individual collectors based on the hoisting and deflection movements," explains the product manager. The Smart Collector can be integrated into new as well as existing systems and can, of course, be combined with existing technology.

The data is processed by the control unit, analyzed and transferred to an ISO 27001 certified data center. This also enables the use of a remote help desk. "This allows us to detect anomalies at an early stage, determine the optimum time for maintenance and avoid routine inspections. This not only increases the service life of the equipment, but also reduces costs in the long term," says Genz. Required spare parts can then be ordered "just in time" via our VAHLE Customer Hub and do not have to be kept on stock in large quantities.

"We are very proud to introduce the world's first intelligent conductor system to the market and thus make our customers' processes even more efficient and safe," says Achim Dries, Managing Director of Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG.

Currently, three pilot projects at well-known industrial companies are being equipped with the Smart Collector.

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