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VAHLE and CoreTigo join strategic partnership

• VAHLE adds IO-Link Wireless solutions to product portfolio

• Expanded offering initially targets packaging machinery manufacturers

• Other markets and application areas set to follow

Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG joins a strategic partnership with CoreTigo, a leading manufacturer in the field of high-availability wireless communication systems for automation technology. This partnership allows the Kamen-based company to better meet the increasing requirements for the packaging machine industry. The combination of VAHLE's inductive power transmission systems with CoreTigo's IO-Link Wireless components will enable the company to offer a comprehensive range of products for system integrators, packaging machine manufacturers and production lines.

"We want to improve our service offering not only by further developing our own products, but also by providing our customers a comprehensive overall package through targeted strategic partnerships," says Achim Dries, CEO of the VAHLE Group. In order to achieve this, the Kamen-based systems provider for mobile industrial applications has partnered with CoreTigo, an Israeli manufacturer of IO-Link Wireless technologies. "CoreTigo's wireless real-time communication systems are an optimal add-on to our inductive energy supply solutions and significantly expand VAHLE's portfolio of system solutions," explains Dries.

The joint solution from Vahle and CoreTigo is driving benefits throughout the various stages of machine design, production and maintenance. Machine capacity is increased by performing actions while in motion. A broad range of package variations (size, weight, shape, material) can be supported efficiently within a single machine. Changeover and setup times are significantly reduced. Machine footprint is reduced due to cable reduction and less external robotics/equipment. Greater intelligence is achieved through predictive maintenance & analytics that are based on data collected from high-speed moving components. All these contribute both to the financial performance and sustainability of the manufacturing plant – as waste, footprint and energy consumption drop, while efficiency and the ability to use sustainable materials increase.

This partnership allows VAHLE to address factory automation in an unprecedented way. " We can offer significant added value with IO-Link Wireless, especially for packaging machine manufacturers who need a highly available communication solution with low latency and deterministic behavior for real-time control and monitoring of their equipment," says Dries. VAHLE and CoreTigo recently co-hosted a joint webinar on "Empowering Motion: Wireless Data & Contactless Power for Sensors and Actuators."

A recording of this session may be viewed here:

Several additional join product presentations and trade show appearances are also on the calendar. This new system solution will also be extended to other markets over the long term, providing value to customers across industry sectors. "The strategic partnership with CoreTigo enables us to respond even faster to the dynamic requirements in various automation areas," emphasizes Dries.

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